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Visit the Celje Indoorgolf Center and experience a virtual or real game of golf in all seasons.

We understand that your employees are the greatest value of your company, so getting to know the game of golf is an extremely good investment.


Golf is a sport that requires high concentration, calmness, and physical fitness. In golf, one has to put the body in the right turn, focus the mind on the swing and aim for the perfect shot that brings victory, which is the same as in the everyday business world, isn't ?

Upon request and agreement, we can upgrade the basic indoor golf experience to a culinary experience with a local chef on the spot and organize a place for entertainment or relaxation (stretching, massage, gong, meditation) or we can organize an entire tournament for you on one of the 90 world courses. The possibility of organizing an overnight stay in one of the hotels, transportation...

Number persons

6 +

Duration from 

1 hour +

The price

€50 - €350 and more

The listed prices do not include VAT, a quantity discount is possible for larger groups.



Are you ready for an unforgettable 5* golf experience on the world's best golf courses?

Roll up your sleeves and test your skills in a unique European golf indoor center. This is an excellent opportunity for active teambuilding, friendly get-togethers, celebrations of various personal holidays, introduction to stag and hen parties and really - if you are looking for something different, active and fun, where the whole team can have fun, regardless of strength or gender, because A 5* golf experience suitable for everyone.

It takes place under the careful guidance of professional golf animators, who will explain the rules and show you the correct technique of the game. In the guided program you will enjoy fun games and a final tournament. Finally, pamper your taste buds with local flavors.

The program includes:

  • Presentation of golf

  • Preparation for golf (stretching)

  • Practicing short and long strokes

  • A game of chipping and long game

  • Golf tournament on the green (putting) and on the Simulator (3 holes are played on the course: par 5, par 4 and par 3)

  • Announcement of winners and awarding of prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

  • Awarding of symbolic awards to all participants

  • Feast



The indoor golf experience is a unique golf experience in Slovenia, which is a combination of a virtual and personal approach to golf. Suitable for all generations in all seasons. It allows you to transform into Tiger Woods at one moment and play the Masters tournament in Florida, and the next moment you are already enjoying the beauty of one of the European golf courses as an amateur.


Holding a golf club for the first time?

Nothing easier. After two hours of fun animation under the guidance of a professionally trained golf animator, you will realize that golf is a sport that entertains, motivates, increases concentration, mental stability and physical fitness, as well as the coordination of body movements.


The program includes:

  • Presentation of golf

  • Playing golf on the green with short shots (putting = getting the ball closer to the hole)

  • Golf simulator game on world golf courses (longest shot, shot closest to the flag)

  • Competition in putting

  • Awarding of symbolic awards to all participants

To prepare an offer adapted to your needs, fill out the form below and you will receive a reply by e-mail. In case of ambiguity, we will contact you.

Structure of participants

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