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Opening days 27.9. - 29.9.2019

Indoorgolf Center Celje

At the end of September, we opened the Celje Indoor Golf Center at Kersnikova Street 17 in Celje. A case ofstate-of-the-art indoor golf practice centerin this part of Europe, which, with the most modern technology, enables optimal practice for beginners, experienced golfers and also entertainment for non-golfers. There are five simulators in the center, two of which are dedicated to the virtual game of experienced golfers on more than 100 of the world's best courses, and three are dedicated to practicing and analyzing shots, a superb green for putting and chipping, and the specialty of the center is a "bunker" for practicing shots from sand. The center hasshop with golf equipment and sportswearGolfino and Callaway brands and the Tee time restaurant, which is also open to outside visitors. The aim is for the center to come to life also as a club social space, where various activities take place, such asorganization of various

events, team building, birthday parties with a touch of golf, presentations of golf innovations, tournamentsetc. So next week they start the inaugural Halloween golf tournament. The specialty of tournaments in the Indoor golf center is that they last several days and players can adjust their participation to their free time. So someone can play a tournament in the morning, another in the afternoon, etc. The results are saved on the computer, and the end of the tournament is organized on the last day, when all the participants of the multi-day tournament gather.  In cooperation with the internationally renowned golf teacher Damjan Murgl, who has a golf academy in the Center, teachers Jani Šribar and Greg Pernet, all those interested can upgrade their game in the winter and perfect their technique until the new playing season on the courts in nature.  

Charity tournament the heroes of the 3rd floor
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