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House rules of Indoor Golf Center Celje

Dear visitors of Indoor Golf Center Celje, 
with the desire to enable you to exercise and play in an orderly and safe manner, and to feel comfortable and truly enjoy yourself in our center at all times, we kindly ask you to adhere to the House Rules, which we present to you below.  


Due to the limited number of rental clubs, we recommend that you bring your own golf clubs to IGCC.  This will definitely make your game even better. Be sure to clean the sticks for the game and practice that you bring with you before coming to the IGCC. 
Balls Only undamaged, smooth and clean golf balls, without any cuts or marks that may damage the simulator screens, are allowed to be played in the IGCC  .  


Golfers wear special footwear designed only for playing golf. Certain golf shoes are designed   to provide better traction on grass surfaces, so they have special studded soles. Such footwear damages the artificial grass, so   it is not allowed to be used in the Indoor Center. To play in the IGCC  , only shoes with rubber inserts without studs or normal sports shoes that you use for your sports activities in sports halls can be used. Of course, footwear must always be properly cleaned. 


In the IGCC  , sportswear is prescribed during practice or while playing golf. We reserve the right to warn any player wearing inappropriate clothing during practice or play. In such cases, we expect the player to change clothes or leave the Center. 


There are two types of simulators in IGCC. SKY TRACK simulators are intended for hitting practice and measurements. Bravo simulators are designed to play golf on more than 100 courses from around the world.  Only  golfers with an HCP below 36 can play independently on the Bravo simulators, and the rest in the presence of a responsible IGCC person. All settings of the simulators before, during and after the game are always carried out by the responsible person of the IGCC in the presence of the player. Exchange of data or any tampering with the simulator program by unauthorized persons is strictly prohibited. 

The course of the Game

We recommend that all players book a practice or game time in advance by phone 031 378 538. It is also recommended to be at the IGCC 10 - 15 minutes before the actual game or exercise.  A game of 18s  hole on the simulator takes about an hour per person. Experienced players who know simulators usually play for less than 1 hour. We recommend that you reserve extra time if you are playing for the first time. The duration of the game for individual players varies depending on their skill level. The game should run smoothly without unnecessary waiting and delay. In case the game is running too slowly, the person in charge of the IGCC will warn the player about this. In case the player misbehaves 
suitable or does not respect the House Rules, the responsible person of the IGCC may ask him to stop the game and leave the premises of the center.  When the player finishes playing in the reserved time slot, he can, by agreement with the IGCC staff, continue playing if,  if the simulator is free at that time or it is not reserved for further play by another player.  In the bunker area, it is mandatory to scoop up the sand after the practice and to clean the equipment and shoes so that the sand does not transfer to the other rooms. In the game on the simulator, the green and other surfaces, the rules of the golf game and the etiquette that applies on the courses in nature are observed. 

Play  safe !

Before swinging, make sure that you are alone in the playing area, that you are at an adequate distance from the monitor, computer and other objects that could be damaged by your swing. Pay close attention to your swing and the space around you, which you are constantly watching. The kick must always be performed in the designated space in the "cage" of the simulator. Be careful where you stand or walk, avoid places where someone is practicing or performing a swing or blow. 
Any deliberate damage to objects, throwing sticks, balls and other equipment is strictly prohibited and is punished by an immediate ban from further play. In case of possible injuries to players or others present due to non-compliance with our recommendations and House Rules, IGCC DOES NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY. 

Food and drink

Eating food is allowed only in our Tee time bar, and drinking is also allowed near some playing areas. The permitted place for drinks near the playing areas is exclusively at the tables set up for this purpose. Drinking on the  greens and in the sandpit-bunker is strictly prohibited.  Bringing food or drink into the IGCC is prohibited.  Food and drinks are taken care of for you in the IGCC itself.  
Dear players,
We firmly believe that you will strictly adhere to the house rules and thereby enable you and all other players and guests at the IGCC to enjoy the unique offer of the IGCC carefree.  Unfortunately, for your sake and ours, we will have to refuse further hospitality in our and your IGCC to violators of house rules and rules.  
Your Indoor Golf Center Celje 

In Celje, 28/09/2019  

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