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Golf tournament for heroes of the 3rd floor

In the Indoor Golf Center in Celje in cooperation with the company Aleksander Onišak sp (online shop we decided to organize a charity golf tournament with the aim of socializing and collecting financial resources. We will allocate these collected funds to the fund or The Foundation for Helping a Child with Cancer in Ljubljana, which has been operating since 1988. With the funds collected, the Foundation provides a more pleasant living environment in the hospital with equipment for learning and entertainment, as well as events for children and adolescents up to the age of 19 during treatment. The institution helps families of children during serious illness and demanding treatment.

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Participation in tournaments is not a condition for making donations. 


Who are the Heroes of the 3rd Floor? These are children and adolescents who have been or are still being treated on the 3rd floor of the Pediatric Clinic in the hemato-oncology department. These are children who have fought or are still fighting with severe blood diseases and various types of cancer. And yet these are children who want to be the same as others. Between 50 and 80 children fall ill a year, and their treatment is long-term, it can last several years. Many affected children are in an early developmental phase, and long-term treatment has consequences on their ability to socialize and affects their integration into the environment.

Data for TRR transfer:

IBAN: SI56 02222-0016587830

reference: SI 00 6689

Purpose: Golf - for heroes of the 3rd floor

Foundation to help a child with cancer
Bohoričeva Street 20
1000 Ljubljana

Tax number: 67353258


Heroes of the 3rd floor do not want mercy. They are Heroes and with them all their relatives. A child's cancer affects the whole family. The idea of a sports association for children who are being treated or have been treated in the ward stems from the desire to help children and their relatives. To include and connect them with top athletes who also fight every day - but in a different way. In the company of Olympians and athletes, children gain self-confidence and jump over mental barriers.

To organize the tournament, the following came to our aid:

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